• Superstitions


    Dina Fagoth
    Language Arts
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    A superstition is a traditional belief that a certain action or event can
    cause or foretell an apparently unrelated event. Superstitions ensure that a person
    will pass safely from one stage of life to the next. Many of them involve
    someone taking deliberate action to cause something to happen or to prevent
    something from occurring.
    Some superstitions go back almost to the very beginning of human life on
    Earth. Most of them come from ancient Europe and Egypt. There is no scientific
    basis for superstitions. Yet, they continually are being passed on from generation
    to generation. Almost everybody clings on to a few of them.
    Before bad luck strikes, there are plenty of things, or good luck charms,
    that can be used to prevent the bad luck. One, which is probably the most
    common, is a rabbit's foot. This is because the fast reproduction of the rabbits is
    considered as wealth. Another good luck charm is the four-leaf clover. It is very
    unusual to find one in a field of clovers. So whoever found a four leaf clover

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