Speech 101 Human cloning Essay

  • Speech 101 Human cloning

    The practice of human cloning is the same as producing a twin, an artificial twin. A clone
    is not an exact person, it is a copy. According to the Center for Genetics and Society,
    Embryo cloning stimulates the mechanism by which twins naturally develop.It removes one or
    more cells from an embryo an encourages the cell to develop into a separate embryo with
    the same as the original.

    Cloning is in this respect no different from any other new medical technology but
    technology is unsafe. The nuclear transfer technique that produced Dolly in 1977 required
    277 embryos, from which only one healthy and viable sheep was produced. The other fetuses
    were hideously deformed and either died or were aborted.

    Cloning is playing God, because it interferes with the body

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