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  • Iban Battuta

    Iban Battuta

    Ross Dunn/Travels of Ibn Battuta
    A 5 page analysis of The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, a Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth
    Century by Ross Dunn. The writer relates how Dunn uses the accounts of Abu Abdallah Ibn
    Battuta to bring alive the Muslim world of the Middle Ages. No additional sources cited.

    Filename: 99ibn.wps
    Ibn Battuta: The Man and His Perceptions
    A 5 page discussion of Ibn Battuta, the great explorer of the 1300s. Concludes that
    although Battuta traveled over 75,000 miles during his lifetime, largely on foot or by
    horseback, he allowed his own cultural norms and perceptions to dim his understanding of
    the cultures and people he met. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

    Filename: PPbattut.wps
    Ibn Battuta: His Travels and Perceptions
    An 8 page outline of the extensive travels of this Islamic intellectual in the fourteenth
    century. Recounts his perceptions of the people and the cultures which he encounters,
    perceptions which were shaped for the most part by his own Islamic background.
    Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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