Abusive drug use Essay

  • Abusive drug use

    stepOver the years in one form or another the use of a variety of drugs used have caused
    harm to individuals who can not control themselves as they profess when lighting up the
    first Joint or taking the first hit of stronger drugs.As time passes and all monies
    intended for good use(i.e.School,auto, home) go to the dealers who are ready to dispense
    their wares on a cash come basis or take jewelry and another thing of value one may at the
    time own.This course continues until one wakes up after toiling for years winding up with
    no form of material gain, bad health and broke. All the people who tried to help are gone,
    moved on , dead not wanting anything to do with a drug user they can't help, lies, steals
    and is not ready to move on . So after a twelve step program, hard knocks, many slips and
    falls, it may just make sense to give a real try at healthy living, making relations that
    will last, having things, a family and above all a sound remainder of one years left of

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