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Mary Shellys Frankenstein - Movie Analysis

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Mary Shelly's Frankenstein - Movie Analysis

Differences and Similarities
    Differences and Similarities are used to emphasize certain aspects of things. This idea is commonly when a movie is made that is based on a book. The director of the movie may choose to keep details in his movie that adheres to the details in the book that the movie is based on. He may also choose to change some details from the book to what he perceives to be more fitting. In the case of Frankenstein the novel and the 1995 movie version of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, there were notable differences and similarities. The differences dealing with the education of the monster and the ending of the story, and similarity dealing with the turning point of the story help create a better understanding of this complex story.
A notable difference between the book and the movie was the education of the Monster. They both focus around the Monster's time spent watching the De Lacey's. In the movie his time was devoted mostly to just watching the family and how they acted towards each other. He learned quite quickly how to speak and read and learned to understand the different emotions people possessed. The only justification of the Monster's rapid learning process is that in a movie not a great deal of time can be spent on this or else the movie would drag on. Although not a lot of time was spent on showing the development of the Monster's education in the movie, the book however went into great detail in...



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