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Jay Kline
Analysis Paper

Bullying is a common issue within today’s schooling system.  The author makes it a point to talk about the behavioral aspect behind bullying, stating that bullying is a “Distinct form of proactive aggression that is intentional, repeated, and involves imbalance between the perpetrator and victim.” In the article, Direct Bullying: Criminal Act or Mimicking What Has Been Learned, exposing the underlying issue behind the aggressor’s mindset during an act of bullying. In their minds (the bully), they are choosing to act out of a repeated or learned habit that was potentially formed as a coping mechanism due to hardships faced in their own daily may be obvious and easy to notice due to the naïve nature of the individual. For instance, a fifth grader may be more likely to bully a younger third grader versus a fellow peer because the third grader is more than likely smaller, younger in age, and less of a threat to their level of intelligence. Bullies are not always verbal in their acts of aggression; frankly it is more of the subtle acts that place more of a fear into their victim’s minds. After reading the first article I read two more articles about the topic of bullying and another easy way, from the article, A Latent Class Approach to Examining Forms of Pure Victimization, to break down the target is by “starting rumors, sexual comments, or gestures” (Card & Hodges 2008); behaviors such as these have a longer lasting affect mentally on the...



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