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National Honor Society - Vice President Speech

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National Honor Society - Vice President Speech

I would like to be the Vice-President of the Huntington High
School National Honor Society. The main reason I chose to run
for Vice-President instead of running for President is because I
have several extracurricular activities that would prevent me
from giving my undivided attention to National Honor Society. I
know that I can have a positive impact on the National Honor
Society. Unlike most people, I do not join a club or
organization just to say I am a member of that group. I join
clubs I know I can make a difference in. I love to be able to
have input and share my ideas. I am proud to be a part of a
prestigious organization such as National Honor Society. I know
that I will be a great assett to the National Honor Society of
Huntington. Because I am involved in so many other clubs, I can
get along well with others. I also have numerous fundraiser
ideas. In my past experiences, I have found that the most
successful fundraisers are those that are directed towards
adults. For example, a chicken charbroil on a Saturday afternoon
is always very profitable. We can pre-sale tickets to
businesses, especially car dealerships who cater food to their
employees on Saturdays. Usually, people will donate the paper
goods and chips. Charbroils are very good fundraisers to do.
Parents always volunteer to cook the chickens and help to
organize things, at least mine do anyway. If we wanted to do an
in school fundraiser, the...



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