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Michelangelo`s Pieta

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Michelangelo`s Pieta
    To see a scorned, beaten, and crucified man lying dead in the arms of his mother
is an image, which can inspire overwhelming emotions within the heart of an
observer. Yet, for the longest time I've had such difficulty looking at

Michelangelo's Pieta or any piece of art in this way. To me, art has never been
about expressing oneself or conveying a message to others, but simply creating
an image for the sake of beauty and perfection. When I look at the Pieta I see a
cold, solid mass of marble carved by the skilled hands of a master. I look at it
in terms of the technique Michelangelo used, the understanding he had of the
human form, the movement within the composition, and ultimately the precision
and realism with which the piece was rendered. For it has been upon these
standards that I have based my concept of what art is. In my eyes, art has
always been just a unique ability that I have. I feel driven by it, not to
express some deep emotion, but almost as an obsession to perfect my own ability.

Every stroke of a brush and every motion of a file has been to make what I've
created more detailed, graceful, and real. I'm only now beginning to realize how
much more there is to art than what I had previously understood. When I look at
a piece of my work, I see the detail and realism of it, yet somehow I feel that
these aspects are all that it possesses. I wonder whether or not I've almost
turned my sense of art into a science that lacks the essential charac...



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