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Human Trafficking: A Worldwide Problem

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Human Trafficking: A Worldwide Problem

    Despite intensive efforts to combat human trafficking, the trade in persons, sexual exploitation, forced labor, persists, in fact, continues to grow nationwide. The reason for the limited success in preventing human trafficking is the dominant perception of the problem, which forms the basis for laws developed to combat human trafficking. Specifically, with the trafficker whom operate across multiple dimensions, including race, gender, ethnicity, class, culture, and geography. There is a need to expose the observable fact of human trafficking, driving demand for trafficked persons, influencing perceptions of the problem, and constraining legal initiatives to end the abuse. By examining human trafficking through a distinctive context, it will explain a deeper understanding of human trafficking and offer a prescription for reducing the adverse effects and the efforts to combat human trafficking and the individuals that now suffer such abuses. Human trafficking is an illegal form of modern day slavery. Human beings are not property and they are unfortunately being used for forced labor and prostitution.
    According to the article, Sex Trafficking of Women and Children in the United States, there is a large amount of victims taken into this life of crime. An estimated 12 million people worldwide are in forced labor, debt bondage, forced child labor, or sexual servitude. Depending on the methodology and definition used, other estimates o...



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