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american scholar by ralph emerson

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Sheveon Wharton
Prof: N. Essay    
ENG 150-002
Essay 2
            Eating Healthy In America
It was Edward Stanley who said "those who think they have no time for eating
healthy, will sooner or later have time for illness". Most to all Americans live very hectic

lifestyles, which is a very challenging for them to maintain a healthy balance diet; so

as an alternative they turn to fast food. Fast food can taste good but is it safe? What we eat can

and will eventually affect our weight, increase or reduce the risk of chronic medical conditions.

The food industry influences what we eat and, therefore, our health. In the paragraphs ahead I am

going to expose the tasty secrets behind fast food and implicate the method of food distribution

that makes unhealthy food attractive.

To process food means that it must undergo a course to become what it is when we receive it.
Of course usually the use of chemicals are involved. These companies rely heavily on petroleum
and other fossil fuels, along with antibiotics and hormones. These chemicals are needed to help
preserve the food, to sweeten it, and to give it flavor entirely. The main ingredient that the food
industry uses in food processing is corn. Roush said "In the united states today, 30% of our land
base is bein...



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