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Bubonic Plague

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Bubonic Plague
    The Bubonic plague is a contagious disease, which can reach epidemic
proportions, transmitted to humans by the fleas of an infected rat. The most
telltale sign of the plague is the enlarged lymph nodes in the groin, armpit, or
neck. The name for the Bubonic plague originated from the name for the swollen
lymph nodes: Buboes. The disease is also called the Black Death. The reason for
this nickname might have been the black spots on the skin or the purplish tint
on an infected person's skin. The Black Death is known as the most fatal
disease of the middle ages. The bacteria called Yersinia Pestis causes the
disease. The whole cycle begins with an infected rat. A rat flea (Xenopsylla

Cheopis) bites the rat and the bacteria fills the stomach of the flea completely
full. This makes it so the flea cannot digest any blood. The flea becomes so
overwhelmingly hungry that it sucks blood into its already full stomach. This
causes the flea to vomit, thus spreading the bacteria. The first symptoms of
infection are headaches, nausea, vomiting, and aching joints. As the disease
progresses, enlarged lymph nodes, chills, high fever (101 to 105 degrees), and
prostration occur. The bacteria may also invade the lungs in a form of the
plague, pneumonic plague. Pneumonic plague is rapidly fatal and can be
transmitted from person to person. Death may occur within about four days for
bubonic plague, less for pneumonic plague. The mortality rate for pneumonic
plague is nearly 100%, ...



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