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Thesis: Dostoevsky's manic and depressive episodes aided in his ability to
properly illustrate the workings of the human mind, through his writing.

Outline: I. Introduction II. What is Manic Depression and Depression? III. Other

Writers with Mental Illnesses IV. Dostoevsky's Life V. Analysis of
"Notes┘" VI. Conclusion Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, author
of several acclaimed books-including "Notes From Underground"-a
semi-autobiographical story, introduced a new form of writing,
"stream-of-consciousness", to Russia and Europe. Soon, this form of
writing that would become the mark of the Existentialist, spread to the

America's. Interestingly enough, the "stream-of-consciousness" that
manifested itself in his writing was actually the product of a mood disorder,
which can be characterized by intensely emotional thoughts. Caught in a rift of
contrasting thoughts, the Manic-Depressive-commonly endowed with superior
artistic abilities, can be very insightful to the ways of man. Manic-depression
can clinically be defined as a mood disorder with two contrasting states: mania
and depression. There must be an occurrence of one or more Manic or Mixed
episodes and often, the individual has also had one or more Major Depressive
episodes in the past. In Manic-Depressive disorder, also known as Bipolar
disorder, the manic and depressive episodes recur in varying degrees of
intensity. The DSM-IV describes Manic and Depressive episodes as: "The
essential feature is a di...



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