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  • Social Behavior
    According to Eisenberg and Mussen (1989) prosocial behavior is defined as the voluntary actions which are intended in benefitting or helping another person or a group of individuals (3). The definition describes the doerís action consequences instead of the motivations behind the specific actions. The behavior entails a wide sort of activities; comforting, sharing, helping, and rescuing. Even though prosocial behavior is usually befuddled with altruism, actually these are two concepts which are...
    Word Count: 1180 | Page Count: 6
  • Compassion
    It is the one mysterious thing that links everyone together and helps everyone understand each other despite their social, economic, or religious backgrounds. Compassion is the capacity within each of us that makes it possible for suffering that is not our own or of our concern, but will affect us as though it were. There are so many ways to describe the feelings that can be linked with compassion. In some way, shape or form, we have all given or received compassion, and it is important to alwa...
    Word Count: 1323 | Page Count: 5
  • Accident Investigation
    Each mishap has their own characteristics and there is no substitute for good old-fashioned common sense and initiative. Each wrecked aircraft has itís own story to tell if properly investigated. However Air Force guidelines are quick to point out that investigators in their eagerness seek out the causes, often ignore safe investigation practices and common safety precautions. Air Force Investigators are maybe in even more difficult position due to the hazards that are unique to the military wa...
    Word Count: 3515 | Page Count: 15
  • African Elephant
    The common name is the African Elephant, the scientific name is Loxodonta Africana, the phylum is Vertebrata, the class is Mammalia, the order is Proboscidea, and the family is Elephantidae. The Closest Relatives to the African Elephant are: the Asian Elephant, mammoths, primitive proboscidean (mastodons), sea cows, and hyraxes. Scientists believe that the African Elephant evolved from one of its closest The geographical location and range of the African elephant covers all of central and south...
    Word Count: 1755 | Page Count: 8
    PSY600 W1/D2D Instructions for the Initial Post Part One: Professional Research Summary You have been approached by your supervisor to create a Professional Research Summary that explains how a masterís program in psychology will be beneficial to you in your current position or how it might assist you with a potential future position within the organization. For this assignment, you will evaluate contemporary applications of psychology in professional settings and research a specific area of psy...
    Word Count: 1167 | Page Count: 7

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